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Apron Strings - New Zealand Film :) Great Southern Television

Shuchi Kothari & Dianne Taylor- writer

Loved this film, great work by all involved.
Congratulations to Vaele Sima Urale. Beautiful, skillful & sensitively directed.
Great Set Design & Casting.

New Zealand film is raw and sweet, as in honey, but not any honey.
It is the Unknown Manuka Factor (UMF) healing, organic honey.
Honest, a home-baked style of confrontation and expose of portions of our peoples consciousness, often displaying a vulnerability like only an Island can, in a time of rising sea levels.
Oftentimes created with an urgency of raising awareness that time is a fleeting and valuable entity, a character in itself.

The ability to open the wound wide, without flinching, to look long, into it's depths, and as blood flows, being able to retain an innocent, no.8 wire simplicity toward the cause & effect, and always, with a subtle, understated 'knowing' that there IS a cure, a path of prevention, for future generations to tread.

A spiritual healing from one generation to the next, and back again :)

As credits roll, akin to standing, in a new home, albeit mortgaged to the hilt, at the kitchen sink, hands submerged in dirty dish water, then, with one hand, opening the window, inhaling fresh air, and viewing a new & different landscape, without fear.
Applied Loveology :)

Memorable Moments
*Granny asleep nestled amongst her floral, cottage garden pink & purple sheets, gliding from one character to the next (linen set) in their beds, that they have made, and are 'in the now' lying in.
*The Cups of Tea motif.
*Students in their College Uniforms in a street scene :)

My only indifference was with the casting of Peter Elliot's character.
No imbd information supplied for the character of Granny :(


God, it sounds perfectly hideous.