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Mammoth Film Festival writes a bit about '16 to Life'

Here are a few things Mammoth Film Festival has to say about "16 to Life"
"...boasts terrifically funny, heartfelt performances from newcomers Hallee Hirsh (KATE), Mandy Musgrave (DARBY), and soulful veteran seductress Theresa Russell (LOUISE)."
"This first feature from Emmy-nominated writer/director Becky Smith (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) puts a wry, witty, and unpredictable ensemble cast in a small-town locale reminiscent of a Capra comedy."

You can read the full write-up here:


I saw this film and very much enjoyed it. The leads were great-Hirsh and Musgrave. Very pleasant to see Theresa Russell on screen again. Excellent debut from the director.