Not bad actually

Ridley has never been good with characters and that shows here. The performances from the actors are all good (apart from Jared fucking Leto clowning around) but Ridley doesn’t focus on the interior lives of the characters so you get weird things like Maurizio suddenly switching from sweet, mild mannered mousey guy to dark lord for no clear reason.

For the most part the film works, the individual scenes are good, it’s an interesting look into a dynasty I knew nothing about, and of course it looks great - Ridley never disappoints when it comes to visuals.

I also liked the tragedy of how happy Maurizio was when he was poor and free of The House Of Gucci but then Patrizia drags him back in and it all turns into a nightmare. You’re left with the impression that there was something toxic about the family that destroyed everyone. Bleak stuff.

I think it needed a more character focused director and perhaps one who knows how to make camp really sing, like Baz Lurhman.

7/10, worth watching.