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I was actually satisfied...

I'm not sure why everyone keeps hating on this movie. In my opinion, it's one of the best indie films I've seen in a long time. The fact that a decision is never really made is the whole point of the story. The two storylines, even though they aren't really focused on their decision, reflect the uncertainty and apprehension Bobby and Kate both feel towards making the final decision of whether or not to have the baby. Even though other things are going on in their lives (BIG things for the yellow side), they still have the decision they need to make always in the back of their minds. I think even though it isn't clearly stated, they make their decision on both sides at the end of the movie. In both cases, they stick together despite everything that happened in the past 24 hours, through controlling mothers and crazy Asian guys with guns. They both seem at peace with each other and begin to discuss how parenthood will change their lives. The fact that they are even talking about the baby at all and how it'll change their lives leads me to believe that they've decided to keep it; a decision they've both made without even saying it out loud. I think this was a beautiful movie and I really didn't care that they didn't plainly state what they were going to do because life isn't like that. The title of the movie is "Uncertainty", not "The Decision".


i thoroughly agree. i was going to start a new thread, but you said what i was thinking...

this made me think of fractals, you make one small decision, it has huge impacts down the road.

each path (green and yellow) is filled with tons of decisions after the first bridge coin flip. and you could have followed a million other stories of the different iterations, but this story is just about one singular decision. it's neat story telling.

another aspect i enjoy: if you made a movie of just the green or just the yellow paths, it would have been pretty boring, but still an interesting character story... but that the two stories are linked (albeit by just a single decision coin flip) makes it very compelling.

after finishing the movie, i rewatched the first 25 minutes again, and it ties very nicely.

i enjoyed this movie, and i'm sorry that people want happy endings in their movies these days...

The title of the movie is "Uncertainty", not "The Decision".

this is such a brilliant sentence. you are my internet hero - someone who actually seems intelligent!


The hate comes from the fact that ultimately their decisions had no consequences which makes the movie and the characters motivations pointless. I mean what the *beep*, they just toss the cell phone and walk into the sunset. The bad guys know what they look like, what they're wearing, and what their names are. They could easily find and kill them. But nope, we're just to assume the bad guys (esp. the Asian guy) are not pissed at them for making them chase their asses around.


I liked this movie a lot. The scenes where they visit Kate's family in Brooklyn ring so true for me. Those scenes could have been a day in the life of my own family.The part where Kate's mom asks
Bobby to fix the computer, I swear happens to my husband every time we visit the in laws. Kate's moms house was so ordinary, I just liked the ordinariness of those scenes, it feels like all real day spent in the company of family, it made the movie much more realistic.


I enjoyed it as well. It was original, and a little low-key for the most part. Although I was looking for a bit more resolution at the end, I chalked it up to it being a "slice-of-life" film. We see a glimpse into two realities, getting knowledge about the couple and their relationship from each one. The acting was great, but then Joesph GL always is.