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Many referencesa about Argentina

Despite I think is a reasonable good film to enjoy, I would like to point that the family of Lynn Collins strongly suggest they are Argentinian immigrants. Around timeframe 44:50, there is a scene where the family is watching a video of the younger sister performing. In the wall opposite the TV set, it can be seen a green pennant which says C.F.C.O. It is a soccer Argentinian team, Club Ferro Carril Oeste (something like Western Railway Soccer Club)

Look at this page

there is a reproduction of the badge, with their characteristics fancy capital letters.
A couple of minutes later, Asumpta Serna ( the mother) is applying a rolling stick to a dough to make it thinner, while Emily has a dough disk in the hand, and putting a spoonfull of something which is cooked meat. She is making an "empanada", a typical dish of Argentina, something like a Taco but served hot, but the meat is completely sealed by the dough disk .
Later on, Asumpta Serna serves a dish of empanadas (the word is repeated many times) and eaten by hand, as supposed to be. Also, the meat portion cuts in the grill are typical of argentinian meat cuts, quite different from the american BBQ.
Finally, Asumpta Serna being spaniard, doesn´t have any problem in speaking spanish in some parts, as well as Nelson Landrieu who plays the father role. Even they could have chosen a cuban or portorican actor, it happens to be that Landrieu was born in Uruguay and it´s accent is practically the same as the argentinian accent, quite different from the centroamerican´s countries´s.
The reason why the director chose to depict an argentinian family I don´t know, but for sure it was not by chance, I guess. If anyone knows it, please be my guest.



Yes, I notice that too. Also, the uncle uses some classic Argentinian expressions, such as "anduve con Los pibes" and the use of "vos" instead of "tu".