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Bad movie. Feel extremely cheated

I cant seem to sleep so I figured i'd make a long post. Please let me know if you agree or if I have missed something regarding the true meaning of the movie, please let me know.

At first glance, the movie definately seems like a winner.

After actually watching it, I feel extremely cheated.

Here's a brief description of the movie:

The movie starts off with the two main characters on a bridge. They have a very "deep" and abstract conversation which can be summed up with "So...what do we do now?" and then they run in opposite directions towards the opposite ends of the bridge. From here, the movie splits into two stories:

Theres the "Yellow" story where the couple finds a cell phone in the back of their cab. This cell phone happens to contain information worth $500,000 with two people "Perez" and "Dimitri" who both want to obtain this device. In this story, our two protagonists are shot at, chased, and are basically on the run.

There is also the "Green" story where the couple finds a friendly stray dog. They take this dog to their family barbecue and domestic arguements and conflicts of opinion present themselves.

Both of these stories are happening simultaneously and the scenes change from one to the other.

Here are my problems with this movie

Yellow story: we are presented with an action-and-suspense-styled storyline. Perez wants his phone back. He's called our protagonists twice and demanded the phone. So has Demitri who is definately the more aggressive of the two and threatens them. However, neither Perez or Demitri are ever seen. This normally would not be a problem for me had the mystery of the cell phone had actually been solved; after all the running, shooting, phone coversations, and chasing, they throw the cell phone off the bridge. That's it? That's the solution to your problem? It should also be noted that Perez is never mentioned again nor does he attempt to make contact with our main characters after our couple says "no" in returning the cell phone. The entire storyline is about them running from Demitri. We never know who the cell phone actually belonged to nor what was so valuable about the cell phone.

Green Story: this story is just plain boring. I appreciate that this story provides the character development but none of the information we learned about anyone in this family is actually put to use; dad is brain-damaged. I get it. Let's take dad home now. Mom doesn't agree with little sister's career and academic decision she is making. Bye family thanks for the dinner! Also, there is way too much use of the color green in this half of the movie. playing cards are green, the whole story takes place in the back yard surrounded by vines, the flowers were wrapped in green paper, lots of lettuce is being cut, etc... I get it; it's the Green story and you're using a lot of green. This would have been okay except for the fact that the Yellow story barely used any yellow at all. We also never resolve who the owner of the dog is inspite of wasted scenes where we are posting "DOG FOUND" signs all over.

The movie as a whole: We are teased with action. We are teased with personal conflicts. There was no finesse in terms of storyline. There were no parallels in the movie; in the green story we learn that "Hector", the little brother, died. In the yellow story, we learn how he died. there was nothing in the green story which helped us in the yellow story at all. If the goal of the movie was to show how anything can happen as a result of the decisions we make, it failed to successfully deliver. I invested all ths time into an action story line only to be cheated by having the cell phone thrown off the bridge, the lack of a confrontation with the antagonist, and we learned so much about this family only to do nothing with the information.

Again, sorry for the long post. Please reply and let me know if I was mistaken or if I need to watch it again (And explain what I missed)


Listen my friend:
i understand why you felt cheated. I kinda did too but still, I really enjoyed the film.

The thing is, some movies are meant to be experienced, their purpose is to cause a rush, a sense of excitement, you know what I mean? that's the case with uncertainty.

I don't think it was that important to really explain what the telephone thing was really about, because, again, it's all about the experience, the being on the run, being chased, being involved in something dangerous that we can't fully understand. I thought the outline of the situation was more then enough for me to be hooked.

Also, I thought the color yellow was just as used on the yellow narrative as the color green on the green narrative. If you pay attention there's a lot of yellow going on. You just have to look for it.

About the 2 narratives, yes, you're right, the thriller narrative was much more exciting, but the point was they were making life changing decisions on both narratives.

and sure, the film has flaws, but there's a lot that makes up for it, like the stylish cinematography, the brilliant soundtrack and the amazing performances by the two lead actors.


Thanks for the reply, Volchok

I think the movie was poorly executed. You obviosuly disagree to a certain extent. The movie initially teases with the excitement and action and then gives us a copp-out ending. After watching the movie, it seems like viewers are forced to think "oh...well that was weird...i guess the movie was actually meant to be some sort of deep message regarding making decisions in life". Seems like we're just trying to find reasons that the movie was good (and of course with that in mind, we'll find reason) rather than accept what the movie was at face value.


"i guess the movie was actually meant to be some sort of deep message "

I think it was meant to be an experience actually. To make you feel like you're one of the characters, having to make quick and important decisions without knowing too much. nothing too deep about it.

but the film is not for everyone, that's for sure.


Agreed, KVolchok. Sure, the ending left me wanting more, but I did really enjoy it. I certainly don't think it's as bad as everyone's saying it is.


I agree completely, with pretty much everything you said.

Ending was a super letdown, and I literally fast forwarded through most of the green story


"Nothing too deep about it" exactly, pure garbage.


I agre, it was just disappointing though some parts showed promise.


I echo most of the criticism here and when Bobby threw the phone in the river, and the movie ended, I thought, "give me back these last two hours!" Also why did he have to throw his jacket away along with the phone?