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No message found in that movie

Huge parts of the movie have an unsteady camera. It’s beyond my comprehension why many independent moviemakers consider that to be progressive or alternative.
It’s not. It’s just horrible and hurts the viewers eyes.

The frequent switching back and forth between two physically identical couples in different social environments is annoying.

This is clearly not a good movie. Not a bad one either. Just mediocre. And pointless.



I have the complete opposite opinion of the movie. In every single point.


totally agreed...where is the point,the action,the drama...the ending of this movie...

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I disagree with you. This one has gotta be one of the worst movies of all times! Gives a bad mark to all other independents. If this is the best quality you can churn out -- please, don't even bother. We have got lives to lead, too, you know.

Re. the constantly shaking camera, I understand the crew had no money to rent a Steadicam, and the camera operator came down with a heavy case of epilepsy during the actual shoot.


I have mixed feelings on this film and while it was somewhat ambiguous in coveying its meaning, I did come away with some realizations. The simultaneous lovemaking scenes suggests that the two title characters did really love each other despite their differing struggles, I liked the way both stories sort of culminated with that suggestion.

Obviously, there was the nod to fate and how any (even the most mundane) decision can affect our lives.

And it also referenced family and how we interact with our extended families and our more immediate family (spouse and in their case, eventually kids).

In summation, I liked the film but didn't love it at least not as much as their earlier film, The Deep End.


I have mixed feelings about this film too. It just didn't go anywhere and left me incredulous and confused in many parts (particularly in the Yellow section). Also, as usual, another film where people shrink away from real discussion about abortion, childbirth, parenting. These are big issues facing young people and this was an opportunity to say something bold and it felt totally squandered. That said, some of the family scenes in the Green section felt really authentic and immersive, plus the city looked great and that dog was really cute. So, I dunno, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they were a diehard Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan, in which case it's worth it cause he looks hot and nervously clenched-teethed as usual.


Although I think many things failed in this film, I was led to believe that this was trying to represent the polarity of inclusion and exclusion. Green seemed to represent a sense of living while the yellow story had a sense of dying. Family vs Loneliness, safety vs danger, revelation vs hiding.

No, it's not really telling a story or delivering a grand message. I think it's simply the juxtaposition of two futures running parallel to one another based on a single choice. And if there is a choice, this film wants to tell us that friends, family and emotional investments will bring far more joy than an excursion into the excitement of emotional liberty.

Freedom has a lot to do with tolerating the crap you don't like


Agreed, I finished the film and thought "what have i learnt? what was its message?" I decided the answer was... nothing!


It was all about decisions and where those decisions might lead us. I wouldn't exactly call it "message", but for me it was that, we all have a hard time deciding about different things trivial/important, and that we can never be sure if a decision is a good one or a bad one (or the right one, as it is also said in the film). Sometimes, someone else thinks that can decide for us, but it is our life and no one has the right to do that.. Anyway, the only sure thing is, that this choice will take us somewhere.. a different one, somewhere else.. (the eternal question of.. "What if..") after all, life happens.. It was an interesting series of events, but the ending was very disappointing for me.. at least for the yellow story. The green one was better...