Some things annoyed me a bit in this movie, for me it took it down from a 8-9 to a 7.

Why didnt they pick a larger bank? (higher security and the inability to act as they please in higher valued areas, with they i mean their counterpart)

Returning to check the mail at the same place the americanasian internet cafe and even if they did doesnt most internet cafes have VPN?

Why didnt they buy new cloathing, if they got key information for someone who probably has alot of informal networks they need to be one step ahead, if these networks get the order to be on the look out for them... -That is a logical presumption to make in a situation like that.

Why does he still have the phone on and why does he not turn it off in the bank? (that he would fail turning a phone off seems illogical)

How did he know, instantly, which door they ran into (red one) - the old woman?
And if so wouldnt it have given them half a minute or so more?
-A longer pause would be needed here.

The asian torpedo misses shots from quite close range, an asian torpedo that is hired by someone with high capital not only in intelligence but financially aswell, seems unlikely.
This is not to mention the fact that he really doesn't care that much about the information as he sends the torpedo - any logical action would be to pay for the phone and then see to that he gets the money back (as he acts he must be asuming they dont have a backup which would imply another logical route of action).

I dont intend to discuss what i've written - this is placed here for the offchance the director, scriptwriter or similar reads it.

Ignorance is only a bliss if you haven't reached awareness. (note that i do not mean enlightment).


I'm not sure you know what a plot hole is. Just because bad decisions are written into a story doesn't mean they are plot holes. If the writer or director is reading this I'm sure they will completely disregard your entire post. Maybe you should stick to movies/shows that hold your hand and explain all the big words to you.




The biggest plothole happens at the end when Joseph Gordon Levitt's character tosses the phone down the bridge, thinking hey, no phone, we are no longer in the equation.

Uh, HELLO! They had your cell phone number, they know who you are and thus probably know where you live!!!


Yes, but Dmitri will get his phone back, they don't know anything about him nor can they identify him. They are for all intents and purposes irrelevant to him now. Hitting them would open new risk and be more trouble than it would be worth.

I don't love her.. She kicked me in the face!!


Yes, you could say that there are some things about the stories that aren't.. complete.. (like, who was mr. Perez, or why was the phone so important anyway, etc. etc.) But, if you think about it, there aren't any actual plot holes in the movie, simply because the whole point of it was decision making. And the struggle of two indecisive young people, to be decisive in opposite situations.


That was my point, the actors need to be read as rational from their perspective, when actions are not, or they don't follow their previous rationale that is for me a plothole in this movie. I liked the movie but if you make one of these "what if" (x instead of y) you need to pay more attention to the actions of the characters than if you make a feelgood movie or whatnot.

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Ignorance is only a bliss if you haven't reached awareness.
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