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can someone explain the opening scene?

I dont get it. Is it just a metaphorical situation for what occurred during the film? That the 2 main characters in essence flipped a coin by choosing one situation over the other? If thats the explanation, then why do they run in opposite directions from each other? They deliberated, flipped the coin, and then ran off in different directions like a bomb had exploded. What the hell happened in this scene?


I came here looking for the same answer. I just started the movie so I'm hoping it will be explained. But I'm wondering if I should go back and watch the first scene again to understand the movie better. I swear it's showing 2 sets of the same people doing different things. Any explanations?


To me, the opening scene was more of a conceptual intro to the idea of the film. Each of them representing one of the different scenarios of the story. If you noticed, Bobby was wearing GREEN and kate had a YELLOW dress in that scene, which are the 2 color codes of the scenarios. then later on they are both changed together as GREEN and YELLOW in each story. Also, their dialogue in that scene is about making a decision about 2 random options. By flipping the coin, they were presented with these 2 scenarios and that is why they went into 2 different directions, one to Brooklyn and the other to Manhattan.

I thought the scene was brilliant and this idea started to come clearer to me the further i went into the movie. Also to tie it up, the film ends with us not knowing how both if these scenarios end. Whether they have the baby or not and whether they do escape from Dimitri, which also adds up to the idea of "UNCERTAINTY".


I believe that in the opening scene on the bridge, Bobby was wearing the meet-the-folks clothes rather than the run-for-your-life clothes. At the end of the movie, he and the girl approach the bridge talking about the baby, and in retrospect it seems very much as if Bobby was flipping a coin at the beginning of the movie to decide about the baby. As a matter of fact, I replayed the first scene and the dialogue makes sense if it refers to the baby (and not so much if you try to think of it as referring to the other plot). So... who is so callous as to flip a coin over the fate of a baby? Bobby doesn't seem to be the kind of person to do that. And why should his decision determine whether he picks the girl up in a cab or she picks him up in her car? I liked the movie very much but I couldn't understand this aspect.


LoL! I just watched the movie with my wife and son (who is home from college) ... and we all three sat here, after the movie, and said "Huh?"! After tossing around several ideas as to what this movie could have been about ... we decided that, everyone's idea was a little bit right. I mean, who really knows what this movie is supposed to mean, or stand for (if anything)?
But, we did all agree on one thing (voiced by my son) ... "that's about 80 minutes of my life that I can truly say was wasted", (LoL)? But, I've said that after alot of movies, the last few years. This one ... !

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To me, it's an "acting out" of Schrodinger's cat. A cat is placed in a box, together with a radioactive atom. If the atom decays, and the Geiger counter detects an alpha particle, the hammer breaks a flask of acid, killing the cat. Before the observer opens the box, the cat's fate is tied to the wave function of the atom, which is itself in a superposition of decayed and undecayed states. Thus, said Schrodinger, the cat must itself be in a superposition of dead and alive states before the observer opens the box, "observes" the cat, and "collapses" its wave function. In other words, if the outcome of a circumstance is presently unknown and by observing the circumstance you will disrupt it, then it exists in all possible states simultaneously until it is observed.

The coin toss, I think, is not about baby vs. abortion. It's Brooklyn vs. Manhattan, as Levitt's character explicitly states. So until the coin lands, so to speak, both realities exist.


interesting. i haven't thought about the opening scene. can we surmise then that each actually did make a decision. kate to not attend the bbq, and bobby etc. and that bobby made the right one? lol




I liked the concept but i think the baby story sort of messed it up, unless i missed something the YELLOW timeline never mentions a baby. My guess is that the choice of the baby was decided before the film started in the YELLOW timeline. So the YELLOW timeline she did not keep the baby and the relationship looked a bit more argumentative before they even decided to keep the phone, i am also sure i spotted her opening a beer at the party but i can't remember.

The coin toss is where it makes less sense the more you think about it. i think the running is just a visual thing, nothing more. To make more sense it could have been about the baby and have it set somewhere else and shown her going for the abortion with YELLOW and not with GREEN. It would make more sense but then would be seen as "have an abortion, get chased by criminals" type of message.

as soon as the film ended and went "huh?" like everyone else i rewatched the scene, it made more sense but still didn't answer what the coin toss was about.

The cointoss could have been something as trivial as the party, and the two outcomes of going and not going. Go to your parents and decide to keep the baby or don't go and you become a couple in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What was odd about the ending was the YELLOW timeline, they just casually walk off like someone is going to inform the asian guy they don't have the phone anymore, unless the asian guy was dimitri.


During the movie i was thinking it was two timelines, like two different times
one in the future of the other
i thought the green Bobby was the future then i thought he was the past as he was more polite than the yellow Bobby

but after reading "A young couple, in love and facing a life-changing decision, find one seemingly ordinary July 4th cleaved in two by the flip of a coin on the Brooklyn Bridge." after the end of the movie, i thought it was a coin toss about what to do
one scenario is to go to her parents and the other was to go to the party
to go to her parents was having her pick him up in the car and the party was about the cab
and the movie was telling what would happen in each situation or decision
when they were in the internet cafe and she was looking through the windows, i thought she put her hand on her stomach as a pregnant woman and also saying she is always hungry refers probably to pregnancy
i liked the directing very much, amazing
but the movie itself wasn't really that good.

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