Not worth watching.

The alternate story ruins this movie.

It could have been an alright movie if they had done either half as it's own movie, but together, they just suck.

None of the stories are finished. They have no ending.

green story would make a good drama (if it had a proper ending), the yellow one would make an okay action flick, (again, if it actually did not stop in the middle).

But this is an unfnished product and the trailer is just a scam.

Don't buy, or even waste your bandwidth downloading this crap.


Unless you're a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. He's adorable.


Agreed. This was honestly the most boring, biggest piece of *beep* I've ever seen.


i agree in general though i don't think my mind was able to tolerate this crap to the half of it, i have a very sensitive mind