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Director of She Hulk - 'was receiving voicemails from 9-year-olds begging to hear what happened next.'

Delusions are strong with this one.

"She-Hulk director wanted to make a sex-positive show that kids could also watch"

"The director says She-Hulk is the first show she’s ever really worked on where she was receiving voicemails from 9-year-olds begging to hear what happened next."

"We wanted to say, Look, she’s a woman in her 30s navigating modern life; sex is a part of that story, and [ask] how far could we go.”

"“We wanted to make it realistic, and about a woman navigating sex, but also make it something that everybody can enjoy, including children"

I'm sure all those 9-year-olds were desperate to know who She Hulk catfishes next on the first date. 9-year-old children sure can relate to a 30-year-old single woman and her sex life.

wow Hollyweirdo's are WHACKY!

The comment section is no better.


I think you have forgotten what it's like to be 9 years old.


9 year olds have her phone number? Sounds a bit sus...


Why would she even say that. So strange.


It's just another variation of those Tweets people make "My 8yo asked me today why X", it's made up, never happened.


Looks like the show runners from the Rings of Dour are up to the same tricks.

The show runners pretend that regular people on the street are randomly handing them "notes" to tell them the show brings families back together.

>We receive notes from people that you say, “Hey, I got together and watched this with my family, and we haven’t had a reason to get together for a while, but this brought us together on Friday night.” And they say, “We were all talking about it for hours afterwards.”

Pull the other one, mate. You've already insulted our intelligence with the writing on the show. As a wise man once said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool can't get fooled again."


"sex-positive show that kids could also watch"

what in the capital FUCK?? Don't we have LAWS or anything governing this shit?