One of my 3 favorite films ever

This is a brilliant film. It's one of my 3 all-time favorites (the other two are "Stalker" by A. Tarkovsky and "The Spirit of the Beehive" by V. Erice).

I know that my love for Portugal has a lot to do with it (lived there, planning to go back), but it's just one of the reasons. If this film was about some other country, I'm sure I would like it anyway.

One of the best things about it is that the documentary, the drama feature and the making-off are mixed so well that you can't tell where one ends and another begins - at least when you're watching it for the first time. I'm sure the documentary parts about the life of the small towns people and particularly their ways of entertainment will be really valuable in the future.

Watched this film countless times and will watch it many times more. Never for 1 second did I think it was boring or too long. I think Miguel Gomes is really talented and I'd love to see more of his films.

Don't know what kind of discussion I wanted to start here, of if I wanted to start one at all. Just felt like saying a few words about one of my favorite films. Since there aren't many threads on this board, maybe others who liked this film can share their opinions on why they liked it (or didn't like it).


Greetings from Portugal,

thanks for the recommendation, i never heard of this, until now. I have many 'problems' regarding Portuguese Film's but i'll try this, hope i enjoy!




I've just watch this movie on a TAP flight. It was a bit too long and some quite boring parts. Overall I liked it though and gave 6/10.