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Faison Love suing NBCUniversal for poster

11 years on & this guy is using every cheap legal trick in the book to wring more cash from a media giant,
i can't tell if perpetual whiners like him, G. Union, & R. Fisher really believe they've been wronged, or if they are just massive opportunists who see their 15 minutes of fame evaporating so they try to cash out while they can,

i can think of 150 different reasons why he & his black co-star were excised from the international poster, & the most obvious is that NOBODY KNEW WHO HE OR SHE WERE!! & no one cares...
& he wasn't handed big-time comedic leading roles immediately after complaining to movie execs about how they're racist & wrong? could be that nobody likes a whiner, or could be that he wasn't a big actor before the movie & was never going to be a Vin Diesel or Jason Statham?