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I'll admit I'm a fan of the games but

I'll put that aside and just talk about the movie as is. For a martial arts movie there was a heavy usage of guns especially from Rugal's side earlier on. Kind of bothered me a little. I could've looked passed that if there was more hand to hand thrown in with this scene but there wasn't.

I really think this movie itself was made for a much younger audience that viewed it, because while I loathe the movie I can admit after watching it if I were to view it as a child maybe 6-7 I'd probably love it. Just because of all the action and I wouldn't even understand the whole vice mature scene which... was a huge w.e for me.

Now as a fan of the game series I will point out a few things that bugged me. I honestly had to wait for people to say characters names for the most part to know who I was looking at. In addition Rugal was always some awesome (pain in the ass) fighter, he came across more of a punk in this movie.

Lets talk more about that from just a general stand point. I can't see a punk like attitude character being seen as a serious threat by anyone. Even with what he was doing. I'd be more annoyed that I couldn't take him out faster if nothing else.

Honestly though pretty much any fighting VG adapted to live action is going to be kind of bad for a few reasons.

1. The story wont be strong as it should for a live action film(most of the time)
2. Trying to appeal to VG fans and general audiences don't mix.
3. Actual martial artist are great for action scenes but most( not all) can't act to save their lives.
4. Source material on characters is thrown out for some reason. I get the original story isn't compelling but the made up ones are just as bad imo.
5. Fans will hate it NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO lol.