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Real shame they couldn't make a good movie out of something epic

How can you go wrong with King of Fighters?! The AMAZING yet simple story is there. Any real hardcore fan could have come up with something better. The casting was mind-blowing too, jesus. They could have a solid 3 good films spanning '94 to '97, each installment having an EPIC antagonist too. The Kyo and Iori rivalry which has spanned for countless generations throughout their families would have been a major plot point. The Orochi saga on the big screen would have been amazing if done right. Each new film installment would have been even more epic seeing as the stakes just keep getting higher and higher leading up to Orochi's inevitable resurrection.

The first film would have followed the whole Rugal/Omega Rugal ordeal ('94 and '95) and we introduce all the main characters, i'm talking about going all out with the cast. Every major team is given plenty of screen time too, they all have goals for being in the tournament and aspirations. They're simple yet very interesting 3-d characters. We'll sympathize for every team and create a complicated universe in which these characters are REAL. Kyo having to fight a possessed Saisyu would have been GOAT too.

Then you got the sequel which would have followed the story of '96, imagine once the reveal by Goenitz near the end that Orochi is making an inevitable comeback. Not to mention Goenitz would have been one of the best villains in a movie EVER. That final fight where the whole stadium is being ripped apart would have been some of the best stuff on film.

The third and final film ending the Orochi saga would of course be the '97 tournament and this honestly would probably pan out as the best film. Everything from the previous two films has been leading up to this. Especially since Iori and Leona would finally go full Orochi blood here. Not to mention the New Face Team (Yashiro, Chris, and Shermie) would have been some awesome characters to delve into, hell they could even be almost the main focus of the film and Kusanagi who has been a main character in all the other films a sort of side character yet still the main hero here. Iori and Kyo would finally team up at the end too.

There's literally a whole story behind the New Face Team which follows them being in a rock band and how Yashiro is also a sworn enemy of Ioris. All that which eventually leads to them being the ones that bring Orochi back and their eventual downfall with Chris turning into Orochi and Kyo, Iori, Chizaru having to seal him away much like their ancestors did in the past. Imagine hearing Rhythmic Hallucination playing just as Yashiro goes Orochi form, hnnnnnnng. The soundtrack should have taken heavily from the game too.

Hell this could have been a *beep* show, and a GOOD one. Didn't even have to be films. I dont understand how you can go wrong with something that has so much potential. People that actually care about telling this story should have been given the rights to make something good out of it. All the characters are AMAZING, and it really had the capability of being so much more, something truly epic.

I would have gladly written a rewrite for the film non-profit that stayed true to the source material just as long as the director would have taken into consideration and actually bothered to read it. Thats just wishful thinking though.


i want a set of movies based on the NESTS arc, that is all


This would be pretty *beep* cool too. You can't top the Orochi saga however, I wouldn't have minded films being based off this either. There's already an established universe by the time the story gets to this point though. Kyo wouldn't even be the main protagonist in these films seeing as K was the successor here yet that story arc revolves so much around him with the Kyo clones and what not.