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Doesn't this make you grind your teeth?

The USA, it seems, has overthrown every elected government that it didn't like, and attempted a few more, in South America since the inception of the CIA for so-called National Security Issues. Why can't they be honest, its for reasons that, if a country has a product that the US relies upon, it will overthrow any government that doesn't wish to be browbeaten into adopting the soul-destroying system of US capitalism upon its citizens. I so hope Chavez manages to stay in office...if only for the sheer bloody sake of annoying the yanks.


I think it's all very disgusting.

On the other side I am hopeful, because even though their old tactics have been used for a long time, the information age has arrived, and as the failed coup against Chavez has shown, the unstoppable flow of information allowed the people to know the truth, which stopped the coup. I am hopeful because this means that it will be much harder for further coups to be installed in latin countries.

On the other hand you have Iraq, which isn't going so well, huh? But it's not going so well for Bush either.


It isn't even just about a product the U.S relies upon. Noam Chomsky has explained this quite well. It's about successful defiance. If Nicaragua rebels from U.S imperial control, then even though Nicaragua itself isn't that important to the U.S, even though the U.S isn't gonna collapse if it loses control of Nicaragua, the example of successful defiance could inspire people in Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, and beyond into the Caribbean and South America. It's the example. Kissinger called it a "virus" that could spread. That's why the U.S so viciously, so brutally punishes anyone, anyone, who dares to step out of line. Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea. It isn't so much about these countries themselves, but about the example they could set, of successful defiance, and worse, of an alternative mode of development, which if it inspires enough people, could eventually threaten American imperialist control over the entire world, and the capitalist system itself.

Just in case you misunderstand this post, i'm not justifying U.S imperialism; merely explaining it. I'm as anti-imperialist a person as you're ever likely to meet.



Here in Chile there was nothing the USA government could wanted so much, copper? I don't think so.
I can't understand how they were so obsessed with their "Cold War" that they had to destroy an entire country (actually, a continent), which democratically elected a socialist president. Here in Chile there was no "rebel army", just naive people who believed in democracy. Now, this country is so damaged, it may look fine in the reviews, but for the ones who lives here, it's a terrible place to live. I can't understand the tourists. Well, geographically this country is beautiful, but this society is sick, as a consequence of 17 years of cruel military dictatorship.
And now, it's happening (again) in West Asia and North Africa.
We are all human beings, we should respect one another!

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