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what is your opinion

What does everyone think of this show? some of the animation is pretty
wild. Since there were no posts under this figured I would start one to
get some opinion


this show is pretty sweet! I have watched all 25 episodes and have enjoyed the ongoing story of Marty, Buttons, and Ally. This is like a modern day Mega Man. I'm excited for season two!!!


have all 25 episodes aired already? I noticed the comparisons with Mega Man as well. WHere are the rest of the episodes available as I believe only 15 or so have aired. Thanx!


i dont watch it much
but its pretty nice.
has a nostalgic feel

This is A Sig
IMDB...its not fanboard


I only watch this show for the supporting characters. Buttons annoys me so I usually mute the show. I just want to see the pale blue robot fight with the chains and of course, Gaff!

I didn't care for the show until I was flipping channels and I saw Gaff tear whordes of enemies apart with a very simple yet precise sword style. Been watching ever since, just to see him fight again.


The show is crap.

Why does this crap even exist?


I wish that there was a list of voice actors on this page. I swear I know who plays that Steel Jaw guy, but since there is no list, I can't be entirely sure. I think it's Crispin Freeman. I've heard him speak a lot in person and in various anime, so I guess I notice little things that sound like him.


There is a list of the voice actors at the wikipedia article on this show:

(Scroll down to near the bottom of the page.)

Yeah, this does look like an interesting show, just from looking at the action figures in the store. I looked at the back of the package and read the brief descriptions of the premise of the show and of the characters, thinking, "This looks cool! I wonder if there's a TV show to go with this line of toys..."

Came home, did a google on it, and found... yup, there's a TV show!

Wonder what it'd be like redone as a live-action production.

Like sometimes wacky sci-fi continue-the-story projects?