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Nathir + Fareed are CIA

It's written all over that this was part of the orginal script.

For obvious reasons it was removed from the movie by the producers that got scared.

They forgot however to remove that very brief scene where we see Fareed being filed as classified.

Then many little tips are being given all along :

* how Nathir & Fareed have so much intel so fast hmmm (the scene when Fareed is being informed about Samir)? just a "leak" ? a traitor from within ? & we are really supposed to believe that ?

* the last words of Samir to Omar : "they used your faith"

* the conversations over chess strategy

* the speech of nathir about the aim : american public must not feel safe ->so gvt can push forward patriot act and more fascism in society?

* the fact that this 2 don't care nor have a clue about Quran : the fact that they really don't have the profile of the supposed terrorist bosses that the media sells to us usually

I'm sure there is more & I have intimate conviction the real/original point of the movie was to paint a screwed up system, corrupted from the top; system within which some individual (samir & the fbi agent) are naively trying to make a difference, unknowingly of the truth.

Good people in a *beep* system as opposed to usual hollywood conspiracy movies about bad apples in a good system.

Think about it, it would make sense and remove the strange taste i'm getting from this movie (and would make it a masterpiece in its director's cut).

(if you are a brainwashed muslim hater,seeing the world through a tv screen, please be nice & just move away from this thread - my post is aimed for thinkers only thank you)


Well, there have been a tonne of movies and TV shows where the poor jihadists were manipulated by the CIA or American politicians. It's nice to see something that tells the story as it is: there are people who simply want to kill or enslave you because their faith tells them so.
It's not a retaliation for some imagined wrongdoing, it's not a payback for the Crusades, it's not a struggle for freedom against the Western Imperialism.
It has always been like this for the last 1,400 years.


you is watching too much tv or you is another of those sockpuppets


I got that feeling too, and it tues in with theffact that so many in real life who commit these acts have no clue about the religion, like the 9/11 bombers, many had criminal backgrounds and could barely read the Koran. there was a documentary about it a while back. Fact of the matter is no one ever knows what's going on unless they are at the top of the chain, anyone else is easily manipulated.


Well I did believe that there have been slight mishaps in the movie's final cuts, especially that of fareed getting the classified information about samir from the "alleged background checker" gal. So your theory of the original piece depicting a more gruesome picture about the U.S. government might be true mate.

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Although I agree...I can't help but wonder why they depicted the top level of the particular terrorist cell in the film so stupid.

Nathir did not really move once...he should have been well out of Canada before the attacks took place.

To add to your theory why would Fareed...who is in Marsalise ....have all that intelligence. I mean the Middle East countries ...3 in particular have their own intelligence organizations so to speak so how was he getting that info so openly. Only thing I can think of is in the film it shows Fareed getting the exact same intelligence the FBI is getting briefed it really could have been the mole.