Oh come on!

Im often the first to suspend belief for a film but this one really tested me.

There were so many that I just about let slide, but it finally got me.

It started when Don compromises his cover just to tell his girlfriend who he walked out on years ago to forget about him. You haven't seen her in years you dont need to meet her in public to tell her to move on!

But that was just the start. Guy peace gets the call they found Don and they are in mid air on a commercial plane. Don takes off and they drive a few miles to the tower block - next thing guy peace shows up!

What? They landed the plane, luckily in the same city Don was, and got to him in no time?

If time was meant to have passed then why is Don just waiting in the basement for hours? Otherwise they just got stupid.

Just so lame. Did they think we wouldn't notice?


Lol.. those are good ones.

I too am usually the first to suspend belief for a movie, honestly some ppl go way overboard on taking things litteraly. However, on something like this, I expect them to be a lot tighter with the writting. This movie was really getting on my nerves up until we got a bit of a payoff, but in the end I think it could have been more exciting and could have edited down the first hour a bit and cleaned up a lot of the sloppyness. There were several scenes where I wondered if either A) the director took the day off, or B) the script never had a re-write.

Oddly the plane one didn't bother me, but now that I think about it does seem pretty silly. I often wonder how they write it in the script, was it actually written like that and nobody thought it was an issue or is this an editing gaffe?

I don't get how he got them all on one bus. That part makes absolute no sense. Omar came up with the names. The list would obviously not be all from one area, c'mon.


I think they write themselves into a hole and cant get out. Then they just hope you wont notice or think about it too much.

I can get around the bus, partly because it was a nice little twist, but partly because you can make all the people travel to the same area to get on the bus. I am sure you could convince people to make a trip.


Nahh.. they wouldn't have had enough time to come from around the country. It's not like they could fly with their cargo.


how about the part where they blow up an Embassy? supposedly the CIA (or whoever the "intel contractor" worked for) and the local Marseilles authorities were in on it (they got some bodies from the morgue, right?) -- yet the FBI didn't figure anything out until Agent Clayton nearly kills Samir? (who by then has lost his handler...) and if they were able to produce 2 bodies from the morgue... they couldn't prevent an "unscheduled maintenance"? who hires these guys!

lastly, Samir's face was publicly revealed as one of FBI's Most Wanted... how in the hell is he ever going to be a "free man"? collective amnesia?

still a good show... but my guess is the ambitious plot was a little too difficult to edit sensibly.


Let me ask you....

How many terrorists do you see flashed across the screen in the U.S.? If so...do you really think you would recognize him if you lived in the south side of Chicago?

FBI CIA ....etc just foiled a plot supposedly going to happen this past July 4th. We heard SO much about it before hand but one or two articles afterwards saying they intercepted and stopped the attack.

I call that BULLS**T!
Not trying to be rude but throw in some more lazy writing on their part..


I have to agree that the story did spill over into something like an old Batman episode. None the less, it was an interesting story and there were nicely shot segments done on location.

For the record, I rated this film 8/10 - very good.


Listen, this is a realistic thriller. If you want Bond or Bourne, go watch Bond or Bourne. Horn isn't Bond, he's human. And humans can be governed by their feelings. Horn knew it was a bad idea and he went anyway because he wanted to try and explain to the woman he loves, what he has been doing.

And the plane was already in the air. They were coming back from flying the guy who failed to kill himself. Guy had the plane diverted in, what I can assume, was U.S. air space.


I definitely agree about visiting his girlfriend! I just saw the film and I was very annoyed by such lazy writing.


Um, it was pretty clear that Samir visited his girlfriend to get noticed by the FBI deliberately. It drew attention to him and to his mission.

The plane thing though... Yeah that was a bit dodgy.



he visited her because he knew at that point she was being told awful things about him and with him being CIA and a former Army Ranger he knew they would be harassing his girlfriend more than they did in the movie but anyways....I think the accidental killing of 6 people in Spain and the fact he was realizing it was a real possibility he would never see her again due to how deep he got in to the OP isnap what drove him over the edge to just see her and ...confess...

He didn't want to lure the FBI or he would have dropped more subtle clues. This encounter with FBI led his handler to follow him and then Omar killed him thinking he was trying to hurt Samir.

Samir has a ton of blood on his hands and has to live with that. Worse than anything ever..being imprisoned..recognized on the street as a terrorist....trust me..I know.



Biggest and dumbest plot hole of the entire movie!