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So, who do we petition about this? Musharraf?

This film is obviously designed to get people to act on behalf of these POWs, so where should we send our letters of protest? General Musharraf? Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar?

One thing's for sure - if we just watch the movie, feel sad, and do nothing, then it just as well might never have been made.


absolutely agreed,,,when i saw this movie i felt an urge to get up and do something for PoW's...but then i felt helpless like most people, because we just dont know where to or how to start...and this idea is making my life miserable and nights restless


Thanks buzzar! When I saw your reply this morning, it filled me with hope that other people felt the same way I did. I'd put off writing because of the attempted assassination of Benazir Bhutto, but I thought today would be the day I got that letter written and in the post.

NOW the BBC tells me that the country's locked down all its private media outlets in readiness for a state of emergency rule.

It's NEVER a good time to talk to Pakistan's government, is it? "Excuse me Mr Musharraf, I know you're currently clinging onto power by your fingernails, but about the Indian POWs..."

I'm going to wait until there's a definitive leader in charge. Who knows, maybe a new government might be more willing to acknowledge previous mistakes and put things right?


And according to the BBC, Bhutto has been assassinated:

I have no words.