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To Non India/Pakistan Interest Viewers

This may be very emotional piece for India/Pakistan Interested minds.
but it hardly deserve its high 8 point something rating.
frankly, as art of film, it SUCKS.

Non India/Pakistan Interest Viewers better avoid this!!!


Your phrasing's a bit harsh - but, having just seen it, I must agree that it's not a great film of itself.

The film's impact lies in the terrible injustice done to those POWs. I'm neither Indian nor Pakistani, and it horrified me! If this film achieves its political purpose (reawakening interest in the question, provoking Pakistan into releasing the truth) then it will be more important than a thousand "art films".

But, as art, it's a bit paint-by-numbers - here are the heroic Indians, here's a nasty Pakistani commander, here's a token "good" Pakistani so you won't think things are entirely black-and-white! There wasn't much of the bare-knuckle tension or character development that makes a war film worth watching twice, and there was one "let's break into a song for no reason at all!" sequence that made me cringe with embarrassment.

HOWEVER, I have seen far worse films. This one may be like certain brands of wine - "doesn't travel well" - but at least it has a heart and a purpose.


i disagree though, i think it's one of the best films of the year but sadly, it hasn't been well recognized to make that impact u mentioned. i think the song was adequately put (the music in that song was actually done by pots and pans). it's not exactly a war film and i think the characters were developed enough (since it takes place in a short time).



Oh it wasn't the Bhangra sequence that made me wince - on the contrary, I thought that was great! It was the "kiln sequence" that could have been profitably snipped.

I'm also not sure that the characters were that well-developed - in terms of personal journeys, only Ram and Gurtu got significant development (from "comic relief" to "self-sacrifical hero"/"witness"). Our lead character didn't get much in the way of development, and practically turned into Superman at the end ("not even five dozen bullet holes in my chest can stop me getting to my feet and walking into my homeland!") I also refuse to believe that the helicopter pilot or the female Red Cross official would have confronted that Pakistani commander! (The pilot would have been court-martialled for what he did, surely?)

Yes, 1971 provides some really good dramatic moments (the "grenade" sequence, the chase through the town and onto the mountain road, the final scene on the Pakistan/India border) but it never quite "grabbed me". But it obviously impressed you, and it has enough sincerity to deserve a wider audience.



'the lead chracter major suraj singh was not superman he was killed in the end'

Yes, I agree. Superman is a strange word used to describe him. i think he was well-developed. He was going to get out at any cost. It was his idea. Do you mean you wanted to see him do more comedy?

And how do you know that the pilot wasn't court-martialled?

Salad or Liver? What would it be?


I don't understand why non-Indians/non-Pakistanis/people without a particular interest in India/Pakistan couldn't appreciate this film. I certainly did, and i'm not Indian nor Pakistani nor a person with a particular interest in the topic. It's really more of a human movie than an Indian-specific movie, about a terrible injustice done to these people. I found it even more powerful when I learned that it's based on actual Indian soldiers who were never returned to India and who were last seen alive in 1988. Imprisoned for the rest of their lives and abandoned by their government which never bothered trying to get them back, never able to return to their homes and see their families again. And for what? Why was this done to them? It's a terribly tragic story and I found it very powerful.

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