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every indian must see it

great great movie.I don't watch hindi movies but this is exceptionally well.I must say it is lot better then other masala patriot movies.Salut to INDIAN ARMY and of course director of the film.



No Doubt, This is an brilliant Film.
I have never seen a film like this on Indian Army
Excellent Direction too.


I couldn't care less about armies or patriotism. The Indian military has committed more than its fair share of injustices, especially to the people of Kashmir and the people in the area where the Naxalite insurgency is happening. Terrible atrocities. That army (as an institution, regardless of the goodness of individual soldiers) is nothing to respect or admire. No army is. And I don't believe in the concept of countries either; I consider us all human beings and I think that's all that matters. Nationality is an artificial concept and far, far, far too much pain has been inflicted because of it. Actually, this movie, and the entire India-Pakistan division and conflict, is a fantastic example of that point.

That being said, I love this movie and found it very powerful and saddening, and I really feel bad for those soldiers, both the characters on-screen and the real people the film was based on. Not because they're soldiers but because they're human beings who were never able to return home, imprisoned by Pakistan and abandoned by India, seemingly for no reason (not that any excuse would be good enough), just slipped through the cracks, forgotten and largely lost to time. These were human beings, why was this done to them? What happened to these people was a terrible crime. I wonder if any of them are still alive today.

It was a beautifully-made movie and a sad, tragic story. I think it could be appreciated by anyone in any country.

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