Where did they all end up going. I kept going over it again and again and still couldn't understand what TK and Colee said. TK was going to Tikrit Iraq. What I got from Cheaver was " the island" and Colee said "Ambar". If that is correct where are they or if they are incorrect what did they say? Thanks.

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Colee was going to AmBo a huge new American base in the Balkans closely associated with the trans-Balkan pipeline.

Cheever was going to Tikrit, not TK.

TK said he was going to the Island. If he were a Marine, that would be Paris Island, but I'm not sure what it means in the Army, though I have seen Guam referred to in Army jargon as the Island.


You should try turning on closed captioning. It helps.

TK said that he was going to Diyala (as in Diyala Province).
Colee said that she was going to Anbar (as in Anbar Province).
Cheaver said that he was going to Tikrit (Saddam Hussein's hometown in north central Iraq).

All three of those locations should sound vaguely familiar to anyone following the news of the Iraq War during the mid-2000's.