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Amazing given the budget...

Listening to the directors commentary, I was amazed that a film like that could be pulled together for the budget of $10,000 US and 10 days shooting.

While the film won't appeal all, I found it an enjoyable Hitchcock-esque effort, that really managed to do something classic, without costing millions.



I understand the limitations imposed by a micro-budget - but that is the problem. When you watch a movie you expect certain standards of professionalism in each department. The bad photography, unnatural lighting and sterile digital format really took me out of the movie. The movie nevertheless held a certain amount of suspense, unfortunately the ending was predictable and lacked a punch. It was also far too obviously telegraphed, to the point where it's not a twist ending at all.

All of that said, I've seen some micro-budget movies which were way worse than this; I think it would have been a much better experience with full budget treatment and better writing, though.

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