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someones got to explain this one to me

Like, we all know it's a bad movie right? I mean, regardless of this charm or that, we can all agree that it is really badly made, conceived, written, acted and fails in almost every category with maybe the exception of shot composition and editing/montage, right? So help me understand the cinevegas thing - is this just people who go to see The Room and Birdemic? Is there more here that I am somehow blind to?

Because what I see is a really clueless guy blindly mashing together his favorite art movie tropes (without much thought) into a deafeningly stupid and pubescent crime/sex fantasy. The only thing he really succeeds in is somehow making tits boring. Any momentary success it does have seems - for lack of a better word - purely accidental. Is it just the novelty? Is it more? I just have a hard time believing that anyone who does not know him personally could say this is a good work in any sincere way. But I'm all ears...


I absolutely agree with you on this one, izause. I just came back from a midnight screening of this so-called "film" at the IFC Center theater in NYC and in my honest opinion, I have never seen a worse film than this one in 2010! Even watching paint dry is more interesting than Modus Operandi!The sole reason this "film" got an audience was that both Sasha Grey and Danny Trejo were in person for this screening of this most pretentious and amatuerish piece of cinematic crap I have ever seen!