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Like Jackson's 6 Middle-Earth movies

Both started out as groundbreaking for the fantasy genre, becoming a huge cultural phenomenon along the way, with both having very good adaptions early on, then both sets of screenwriters became big headed adding their own tripe and ruining both stories, Jackson/Walsh (mostly) with the Hobbit and Benioff and Weiss with the later seasons of Game of Thrones.

Both also bowed down to political correctness, nowhere to be found in the books.

Seasons 1 and 2 are equal in greatness to Fellowship of the Ring then 3-6 equal to Two Towers and Return of the King, still good but making greater deviations from the source material, and finally 7 and 8 comparable to the crap that was the Hobbit Trilogy, both ruined with fan fiction and infected by political correctness.


I wasn't aware of The Hobbit being influenced by political correctness. I just thought that Jackson's insistence on all CGI, 3D and that stupid abortion known as HFR ruined what could've been good movies. True, he had almost no preparation time compared to the YEARS he had for LOTR, but I think 3D and stupid-fangled movie technologies went to his head and he fancied himself like James Cameron.

LOTR worked so well because CGI wasn't necessary for the most part, only for some of the creatures and so forth, and thus practical effects and miniatures ruled. But with 3D, it suddenly WAS necessary, and it looked dated faster. Not to mention the Hobbit's stupid gimmicks like all the weird physics stuff in GoblinTown, or the Smaug stuff, and certainly in the Battle of the Five Armies. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Shoehorning in a kickass Tauriel (Not in the book) to the story is the main one, I only saw those awful movies once but remember housewives joining the battle in the last movie too for a girl power moment.

Hobbit really should have been one movie, two at the max without Tauriel and all the crap Jackson added like Azog.


Ah, Tauriel, yes, that was it. And that cheap-as-fuck Wormtongue wannabe was an embarrassment as well.

Jackson only wanted two movies at most, it was the studio who INSISTED on a trilogy.


I don't know that giving Tauriel a major role even makes the top ten list of mistakes in "The Hobbit"! I mean there was the decision to make three movies, there was making Thorin into a short version of Aragorn, there was the terrible cartoonish makeup/costume on the other dwarves, there was Alfrid, making the battle of five armies two hours long instead of skipping over the carnage like Tolkien did in the books, etc.


To get back to the original point of this thread, IMHO "GoT" kept up its quality longer than PJ's MIddle-Earth films.


Practically nothing in the movie was in the book. They were trying to turn the Hobbit into a Lord of Rings prequel.

The CGI was horrible and some of the action/fight scenes very cartoonish.

Tauriel"s storyline is one of the few things that kept me awake while watching the dreadful Hobbit films.


Just get the Maple Films Hobbit edit, they have made the perfect Hobbit film from those 3 movies. It’s now part of my annual LOTR Marathon.