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Character arcs disregarded

Jamie was a bad man on the path to redemption. Never mind that, lets have him revert to his old self at the last minute.

Cersei was the ruthless queen that was on so very many people's kill list. Never mind that, lets kill her by being crushed in a cave-in instead of dying at anyone's hand directly.

Varys was maneuvering around the power structure of politics for his whole life. His every action was an intrigue based on his survival. No ethical barrier stopped him. Never mind that, lets have him turn into a "I only ever wanted the poor to eat!" character.

Arya was the youth consumed by the need for vengeance. We see that resolve soften a bit but one thing was always for sure: She was a hard ass killer. Never mind that, lets have her run around the falling city like some angelic princess, saving people who she wouldn't have given two shits about a minute earlier.

Bron was the rogue who lived for money. This was gradually changed by his relationships with the two Lanister boys. He became so close an ally to Tyrian that he was actually going to face certain death as his champion. They were buddies. Even he and Jamie had an understanding. Never mind that though, lets revert him to a common thug who they barely even know and reduce him back to simply wanting money.

Bran was the Ace-in-the-hole character who was shrouded in mystery and the promise of plot pertinence. What would he bring to the table in the big fight? How will his wharging into animals play a crucial role? Not at all. His character was built up and ended up being worthless. Seriously they could have had him die in S1 and it would have made zero difference.

Kalisi was the Breaker of Chains on her way to liberate the kingdoms from tyranny. She always showed wisdom and reserve when needed. Sure, she got to be annoying at times but the character was consistent. She made tough decisions for the good of the people. Never mind that, lets have her burn the innocent citizens of KL while also putting her own army in danger as they were in the city as well. (should have gone straight to the Red Keep and destroyed only it)

Euron makes you want to punch his face. The promise of his death was sweet. You knew that it was going to be a great pay off watching him die. Never mind that, lets have him die off camera.

Jon is the obvious leader they keep pushing on us and he leads with heart, wisdom, and reluctance. Surely his actions in the final episodes will be glorious. Nope. Nevermind. Lets give all of the important things to be done to everyone else and let Jon run around like a common soldier, repeating the same line over and over.


Don't forget about the white walkers. Bad guys that were built up since the first episode then they die in one battle with basically no explanation.


Yes! How could I forget! No lore, no connection, no revelation, nothing. A sudden end brought on seemingly as a backdrop to Theon's redemption. This was nearly a Snoke level of let-down. I did enjoy the fight, though, but I had to ignore the multiple feather brained portrayals of battlefield strategy. ie. catapults in front, etc

Arya was the wrong one to make that kill, btw. The obvious choice to kill the Night King was the King Slayer. He should have done it when risking his life to save Bran.


"Bron was the rogue who lived for money. This was gradually changed by his relationships with the two Lanister boys. He became so close an ally to Tyrian that he was actually going to face certain death as his champion. They were buddies."

That's the only place I'll disagree. Bronn refused to act as Tyrion's champion in single combat against the Mountain, and was quite clear that although the two of them had great times together, Bronn's first and only priority was Bronn and what was in Bronn's purse. It was completely in character for him to betray Cersei just because he didn't think she'd pay up, and to ask the Lannisters if they had a better offer.

Other than that, you're spot on!


I disagree vis-a-vis Arya. The Mountain saved her. Their rapport and his influence on her, which at the last was selfless, turned her from the path of self-destriction. Once turned, why wouldn’t she use her skills to help others? For one thing, freed from her quest to complete her shopping list of revenge, she’d nothing else to do. She had the time to care for others. Her compassion was established when Jquan sent her to murder that actress, and Arya refused and paid a heavy personal price.


It felt forced. Like they were trying very hard to show how bad war is. Arya in the Land of Consequences of Being a Meanie. Spectacular destruction. Don't get me wrong. I loved that and it was well done. But there they are ... the poor residents of KL, suffering. How could Kalisi commit mass murder like this?? Ah! There is conscientious Arya trying to selflessly save folks. I guess she and Sansa were always right about Kalisi. Perhaps they saw this part of the script ahead of time. /endsarcasm

More in keeping with Arya's character would have been showing her being clever and acrobatic in her escape from the city instead of some moral lesson and show-case of consequences. When has this show done that? Quite the opposite. Perhaps the flaw is less on Arya's character's shoulders than the jarring departure in the writing.


One niggle about Arya: She was never really self-destructive.

First the HoB&W people tried to destroy her, then she spent a lot of time destroying others, but she never really tried to destroy herself.


Ah! My memory is flawed. I still feel like they threw away all the scenes shared 'tween Bron and the guys. That last Bron scene was smh bad IMO. It played out like a surprise cameo from someone not seen since S1 rather than a character we have grown to love and understand.

Love the actor though. He was great in Ripper Street (and something else I cannot remember right now)


It wasnt the fun scene it should have been, because apparently the writers have all been replaced with a million monkeys with typewriters.

It's just that Bronn wasnt wildly out of character. There are limits on what he'll do for his pals the Lannisters, he's been forthright about that all along.


>>"Bronn wasnt wildly out of character"

You force me to accept this. And, yeah, it should have been a fun scene. Instead, it left me saying "Who was that?"


Monkeys banging randomly on typewriters is the only explanation for this season.

That, or Michael Bay staged a behind the scenes takeover.


Jaimie was never redeemed to me. Brienne brought out the good in him but he always became his true self around Cersie. He told Bronn that he wanted to die in his lovers' arms and that's what happened.

Cersie was killed by Dany.

Varys was always about the realm being maintained and led by a good ruler. Many of his allies were killed off so it was harder to plot. His present allies were idiots (Jon and Tyrion).

Arya probably felt guilty because the Hound had pushed the mother and daughter out of the way which caused them to not make it into the gates befre they were closed. Later the mother helped Arya. Arya isn't supergirl able to survive dragon fire and buildings toppling on her head.

Why wouldn't Bron want money? BTW, I believe Cersei knew Bronn wouldn't kill her brothers. It was probably her FU message to them for abandoning her - especially Jaimie.

Bran isn't a superhero.

Or Cersei was always calculating and manipulative who wanted people to believe she was good. She had no problem burning people alive to get them to fall in line in the past and she's doing the same now.

Euron should have died on his ship when Drogan destroyed it

Jon is an idiot - no wisdom. He's an obvious leader but he's not bright. Let Sansa or Tyrion rule. Or Robin Arryn who played the game best by not playing at all.


You are so on the money with this! Agree with you completely!


Dare I say it. Your expectations have been subverted


Jaime: never redeemed himself, Bryanne brought out a lot of good in him and reminded him of who he wanted to be - but he was never truly changed.

Cercei: Dany caused the cave in, so technically she did kill her. And depending on how you look at it, it is a great death for her: no epic, memorable death, nobody to witness it and retell it, no special treatment; just fear and being buried by what she tried to hold on to the most.

Varys: has always just wanted what is best for the realm - he said so and acted on it since season 1 (conversation with Ned in the jail cell).

Arya: has been a killer but always cared about people even during her training. And I‘m sure that fighting the dead, having something to live for again and seeing all the destruction and suffering around her, would definitely make her care.

Bron: has made it clear through out all of the seasons that while considering Tyrion a friend, there‘d be nothing he wouldn’t do if the price was right. He also refused to fight the Mountain for Tyrion because he knew that he would not survive it.

Bran: actually not as useless as you think. He‘s been manipulating people left and right. Think about everything that happened because he dropped just enough information to just the right person at just the right time...he has been working it from behind the scenes in a VERY calculated way...without his manipulations many things would have been different.

Euron: actually he didn’t die off camera, we saw his last breath (him staring at the sky seemingly happy that he mortally wounded Jaime Lannister).

Undead Army: everyone is complaining that it was too fast but the last Battle was just the last stand. The war has been going on for years (first just north of the wall against Wildlings, later also against the crows, then everyone between the wall and Winterfell). And since the dead don’t need sleep or food and all fought on the same command (either stop or go) there was no other outcome /cont. next post


Sorry, ran out of space.

No other outcome, either the dead would get destroyed or the living would have all died that night.

Jon: wasn’t the last episode, there is one left. And here, he basically is „just“ a soldier. What else was he supposed to do? He fought, he called them off, called for retreat when warranted.

Dany: made it personal, didn’t see the individuell, the innocents, just her own losses, rage, frustration. While on screen pacing was off, her mental descent and giving into her violent impulses (that she’s always had) actually made sense.