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Questions about the Mountain?

• The Mountain broke Qyburn’s control to kill the Hound - why exactly does he hate the Hound so much? What was his overpowering motivation? We know the Hound’s side of things (he hates his brother for shoving his face in the fire), but the Mountain had zero characterization as a villain.

• What exactly was the Mountain supposed to be at the end? A zombie? A mutant? He could take a knife through the brain without damage.


My only take away and the only one I can think of, giving the lack of any explanation by the writers would be.

The zombie Mountain does not think or feel. His only passion is killing.
He listened to the one that made him Qyburn & Cersei, who was the one his maker told him to protect.

But seeing his baby brother again (a true connection to himself) must of brought some feelings back into him, & also tempted his rage. The young brother that he loved to torture as kids. So that would’ve probably been the only time he disobeyed, because of who it was. If the Mountain had lived through that fight. I’m guessing he wouldn’t of disobeyed again.


Oh man, when the Mountain went to squash Sandor's eyes, it was like Oberyn Martell and the Mountain's speciality move all over again. I really felt for Sandor then, and I hoped he would finish off his brother definitively.


Same here, man. I was like, oh no not his eyes!? Have to admit, out of all the odd character arcs that make zero sense this season. Sandor aka The Hound was always good.
Hats off to Rory McCann!

He was always badass, cold & at the same time warm & caring. At least with Arya. A+ work. Great actor & hope to see him in many future roles.


There's no explanation for anything this season.

Better not to even ask about motivation because the show isn't going to answer your questions.


Yep. You’re totally right. I swear the writers
“D & D” just didn’t care about these characters anymore...

The first couple seasons you can tell
D & D cared. Plus they had the benefit of the books to take from. But most important of all - they were nobody’s back then. Still trying to make a name for themselves as writers in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, somewhat simultaneously D&D caught up with the last GRR Book at the same point in their careers were they began getting rewarded & finding their fame as writers. Around Season 5ish.

I truly think by then (definitely by now) they started getting bored creative wise & were over the show. Just not as interested as they once were. Wanting to use their new fame to begin writing/creating characters that were their very own creation...

I hate when a creator of a show leaves for a better job in the middle of the shows run. Happens all the time. I would thank D&D for not bailing like many do, but I can’t. Because it’s so obvious now that they stayed around, but their creative thoughts/interest were on future projects of their own creation.
Like their new Star Wars...or whatever that “Confederate” shit was.


I've heard that a D&D want to jump ship for a big production deal at Disney, and that's a possible reason that they're trying to cram three seasons worth of material into six episodes. Well, it's clear that neither the showrunners nor the writers give a rat's ass about anything, although at least the special effects people still have a good work ethic.

I hope that Disney realizes that their current work sucks and the fans hate season 8, and reconsiders taking them on.


I bet you’re right. They were unknown when hired for GOT, & HBO probably signed them to a contract with a lower price. Now they want to make some real $$ with something of their own.

I hope Disney sees how they didn’t follow through standards wise until the end of GOT. Honestly, with the amount of attention the show started getting towards the later seasons, & even more important - the fact that they were ahead of the GRR Books, you’d think D & D would want to prove to everyone that their just as talented at writing/creating without the books as they were with them.

What they ended up showing everyone (as of now at least) was that they’re good with source material. And knew enough to sign new contracts while the show was hot.


Also, about Disney. I have to admit I was kinda stoked when I heard they were going to be writing for a new Star Wars movie. Thinking it would be interesting to see something a little more serious/darker in a Star Wars movie.

But after GOT season 7 & 8... I have zero faith in them...



The Mountain represented the Hound's hate that he carried with him. He tried to get rid of it, but it wouldn't die. Both in his story arc and also his final scene. It ultimately consumed him. That's what he was trying to explain to Arya. If she lets her life be driven by hate and revenge, she would end up the same way, chasing something she can't ever kill.


What Would Mountain Dew?