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Did Cersei really do anything wrong?

Sure, she blew up some people in the S6 finale, but that was necessary to get rid of those religious fanatics. Other than that, I can't really remember anything terrible she's done.


Plenty. But to name a few:

Cersei was the one who gave the religious fanatics more power than the king.

She stupidly didn't give King Robert not one legitimate heir which caused the civil war. Robert's son would've still been on the throne if she had.

She killed King Robert which caused the civil war.

She blamed innocent Tyrion for Joffrey's death which indirectly results in her daughter and father's death.

She didn't backdown from Dany and provoked her to war. Seriously, Dany still had a dragon!

Toman and Margaery could've made a good king and queen after he grew a little older. Margaery was very popular. But, Cersei wanted power and sabotaged them.

Cersei was always about making decisions based on emotion which was her weakness. She wasn't as clever as she thought.