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The leaked plot spoilers thread (spoilers)

The show is really going to have to put a lot of work into three episodes to:

a) convince me that Dany is the type of character that is so hot-blooded (with her two closest friends dead) that Jon has no choice but to assassinate her.

The parallels to the original Mad King / Kingslayer are nice, but it seems like three episodes is far too short a time for that kind of character progression.

b) convince me that Euron is worthy of being one of the Final Boss villains. Once again, not enough development went into making this guy a villain on par with any of the baddies from Seasons 1-5.

c) make Brienne and Jaimie having sex anything more than fan service, as opposed to being two honour-driven, bad-ass knights with a lot of mutual respect between them.

d) make Bran more than a human deus ex machine and not pulverisingly disappointing as the ultimate winner of the Iron Throne.