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Season 8, Episode 3: a murky, repetitive anti-climax...

... with a few nicely shot scenes, but I thought this was an unsatisfying end to the entire Night’s King / White Walker saga that begun in Season 1, Episode 1.

From Dany conveniently allowing her dragon to be attacked by zombies on the ground to the White Walkers staying entirely out of the battle (for some reason) to Bran’s “plan”, the writing was very average.

On the plus side, at least it allows the show to end with the “Game of Thrones”, rather than the vague supernatural plot line about the Night’s King wanting to wipe out human memory or whatever.


Actually wasn't Bran's plan to draw him out what eventually helped them kill him?. Jon was right all along about his theory that killing the Night King was the way to go but Daernerys deviated from the original plan of waiting to draw him in early on when the Dothraki army was being slaughtered .