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Is Gendry now a contender for Ashora Ahai?

Is Gendry now possibly on the list as being the prince that was promised along with Jon, Dany and Jamie?

I say this as we know he definately has King's blood some of which can be traced back to the Targeryans seeing how that is how Robert ended up on the throne (his claim after the mad king was the strongest due to his sliver of historical dragon's blood). He is also smith, so is a man of the people and a fighter and could fit into the prophecy as follows

a) He got to a point of safety with the brothers without banners only to be sent over the sea to Dragonstone and almost killed before escaping. So showing that even after all he suffered he couldn't trust the people he'd normally be expected to trust - his family and water was involved. (the sword tempered in water only for it to break)

b) He's hid in plain sight from the Lannisters (the Lion) but still hasn't defeated them in any sense of the word. (the sword tempered with the blood of a lion only for it to break)

c) He's now battling in the North with those of ice and fire (Jon and Dany) was responsible for the fastest run in history back to Eastwatch. Seriously he must have been channelling Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah at the same time!

Also he may be the key in creating viable weapons to kill the wights as Mott was one of the few blacksmiths who could work with valaryan steel. So there is every possibility that Gendry know how to recreate that or knows how to make a substitute by enfusing dragon glass into normal steel weapons so making him a key in the war against the Nights King seeing how dragons aren't the nuclear weapons Jon hoped. Basically making Gendry's science putting an end to a magical threat so leading Westeros into a different age. Also with Arya going the way she is going it isn't within realms of possibility that to prevent her from doing harm someone may have to kill her so why not have her as Nissa Nissa?

If they have brought Gendry back and not killed him off this soon because really why take him above the wall on a whim he has to be more important than just showing he got out the damn boat.


If it's not Jon, then I give up. It could be anyone. It could be YOU!




*Azor Ahai lol
Yeah some of these names are a bit much... has a pretty good article about this including a decent vid (tho the narrator has a slightly annoying voice...)
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