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One More Funny Comment about the Film I Found...

Awful, shallow narcissistic nonsense

stirban from london , 29/09/2008

Awful, shallow narcissistic nonsense of the most pointless navel gazing type. A bunch of self regarding, self obsessed people go to a commune in California to engage in risible psychobabble and what looks like incredibly banal bouts of rutting with multiple partners. So far so suburban. What grates and also provides the best laughs are their attempts to explain away the hurt caused to their partners back home and the guilt ridden sobbing that ensues. Not to be missed are the hilariously, self important screams of 'emotional anguish' of one of the participants whilst getting a 'sexual massage' from a middle aged , bald german guy. You couldn't make this sh*t up. Unintentional comedy of the year.


Well said

I kept waiting for a Waiting For Guffman revelation it was all satire