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the end (SPOILERS)

Can't say this movie was particularly good from any point of view, but I gotta admit I've seen much worse.
I was wondering though, it was said to be based on some real events (don't know what real story it was referring to), but in that case it should be known somewhere or by someone what happened to Anton in the end, did he die in that final showdown or what? It did seem like it, but it sort of ended kind of sudden.

Anyone know anything about the real story behind this?

Anyway, beside all that, the only thing that actually moved me a little was his tragic absence from his newborn daughter. Since I'm a recent parent I can relate to that and understand how that must have felt during the long imprisonment, on top of this all the physical pain he had to go through.

The other thing that came to me was that he never really got involved in that freedom fight for the North Ireland for real. He had the plans and will to help them in the desperate fight, but after reconsidering he tried to stop it but by then it was too late, and everything around him escalated and just fell apart. All he tried to do was to get back to his family all the time.

That being said, I still find it kind of slow in development and the gasps were pretty frequent through most parts of the story.