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Iraq will collapse and Obama will reinstate the draft.

Despite the fact Obama ended combat operations in Iraq, and that he left 50,000 troops to train Iraqi forces in the hopes that they'll clean up the mess that we made, I don't think that things are gonna go well for Iraq and the Middle East as a whole. Because there are many key factors to consider.

1. Iraq's economic and political structure is at this point in really bad shape. Due to so many economic sanctions being imposed on Iraq for so long under the Bush and Obama administrations, the sanctions haw significantly damaged Iraq's economic power, leading to widespread unemployment which in turn will lead to uncontrollable civil unrest and more bloodshed. The sanctions as a whole didn't really make much of a difference since America just bombed the sh*t out of the country without a moment's notice anyway. It served no purpose. The only thing it did was call Saddam's bluff and when that wasn't enough, Congress callously gave Bush the go-ahead to war on Iraq.

2. The insurgency is much more organized than ever before because suicide bombings are now more than ever happening an an alarming rate randomly. Scores of civilians killed, wounded, leading to an overflow of victims in Iraq's poorly maintained hospitals(if you can call then that)and emergency centers. At this point, you have to take into account that Iraq's medical infrastructure is severely broken and dismantled due to negligence and poor management. And because their medical centers are so poor, infections and disease will run rampant and kill thousands, perhaps millions.

3. The American military is stretched thin. Because of that they have to rely on private military companies to make up the bulk of the US armed forces which in my opinion is a bad idea because private military companies are not bound by American laws or the Geneva Convention, nor the American public. They answer only to the President. They have the ability to circumvent the rule of law not just on American soil, but abroad as well. The recent fiasco in Iraq by Blackwater USA is a clear indication that if the President puts to much power in the hands of private corporations, whether they be for militaristic or reconstruction purposes, it would lead to unimaginable abuses of power and influence on foreign citizens and their governments which would ignite more Anti-American sentiment and inflame the insurgency on American soldiers and Iraqi forces.

4. America is more divided and against the war in Iraq more than ever. One of the worst things that could happen is when Obama loses the support of the people. Just look at Vietnam as an example of a war that was doomed from the start. Thousands of soldiers killed, wounded, civilians killed and wounded by not only Vietcong but also US soldiers as well. These actions were being exposed in the media and the Pentagon Papers that became known around the world as the official indictment of the Nixon administration and their involvement in Vietnam. Soldiers who were expecting a warm welcome from war, only to find themselves being reviled and spat upon on their return to America.

I for one am GLAD that our troops are going home to their families and let the Iraqi's take control over their own country. However, I think that the temporary "peace" in Iraq will not last because if history is any indication, things can spiral out of control very quickly and fast. That is the unfortunate reality of the conflict that we are now embroiled in due to past mistakes that are quite accurate allusions to previous conflicts that America has engaged in. I fear that if Iraq collapses completely, the grim possibility of conscription is inevitable.