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I didn't understand the ending?


The character played by Nejat Isler was killed in how did he manage to talk to the couple at the end? Or was that a flashback? I'm confused...


Well, the scene's you saw were explained by the lawyer to the kid, meaning this "could" happen (if you make the call) but instead he wished not to.

The ending I believe explains the beginning, when they enter the bar. He asked for the time, he was about to tell him, when he thought: wait a minute, he was just making out with a fine girl, I should'nt tell this basterd the time. He got pissed because he kissed the girl, jealous as you might say. After he saw them enter the bar, he went home, changed his clothes rounded up his posse and went for revenge.
It's stupid, but this sort of thing happens way too often in real life :/




Thanks for the explanation...I just saw it now :D I will probably have to watch the movie again to remember what I was confused about.

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Actually "what time is it?" question was meant to make Selim spill his drink(ayran) so that they could lol at him.That's why selim asks the lawyer about time when he was holding a glass of tea. uhh and also that's why Selim says "lets see what time is it." when he pours down his beer to the guys head.