la liga question

I'm with villarreal and just finished my first season.

the club is broke and i was really struggling for the first three months but with some tactical changes and lots of luck i managed to inch my way up the table and finished in 4th spot. fantastic i hear you say, i thought the same. surely finishing 4th would help me and my financial crisis?

well my award for 4th spot. NOT A SINGLE PENNY. no money at all just a message saying villarreal have finished in 4th spot. no f*u*c*k*i*n*g MONEY!!!!

is this a glitch or is the spanish league the meanest in the game???


its mainly barcelona and real madrid that make money in la liga through TV rights,and maybe valencia behind them.
im managing real madrid and got £40,000,000 at the start of the second season in TV money,id say over 90% of the games we play are on TV.i was shocked when i saw this and i thought it was a glitch at first too.but it is true,that in la liga barcelona and r madrid and valencia are always on TV there.

im not completley sure,but i dont think spanish teams get awarded anything for high league postitions.the only bonus is champions league money.

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