Need Help

I play as Boro and on the 2006 version. Nobody posts there tho.

first year came 8th and the second year came 12th. Then I got sacked at the start of the third with 2 losses to man u and liverpool.

Any tactics you think I should use or players I should buy.

Should you change your tatics around alot or keep them the same. I use 442 att or 442 normal.

Need Help. I need to win something. I did win the Euro vase in the first year.

Brought some good players but had to sell downing for the cash, 30m to chelsea.

Brought Billy jones, Adu, Leo messi, Diop cant spell from fullham,

Please help.

Do u use a nifty fifty


First of all - You should by FM 2007! I say this because what you have described is very common with 2006 users, were you are doing OK but get sacked - I remember when I was with Chelsea came second in the Prem, won the FA cup and the carling cup and got to the Champions league Final - then got sacked because the club wanted me to win the premiership. In 2007 this has been approved, so that in your case you would keep your job easily. In fact I think it was a glitch where SI games made it so your job security was connected to board Expectations, so no matter how well you did in other competitions, if your boards Expectations isn't achieved your job will be at risk. Another I remember that points this glitch out is when I was Peterbough, the board wanted me to get promoted, but I couldn't do it, but I DID get to to FA cup final (and only lost 1-0 to Liverpool, proberly my best FM memory) and won the LDV Vans Trophy but got sacked. I was so gutted that I quit the game and waited till 2007 (which at that point was a couple of months away).

Its only 19.99!


Started again and came 6th overall. Made it to the fa cup final but lost 1-0 to arsenal.

I need to do well this year or is over I guess. Not sure if the team will do as weddl cos I sold My main striker to chealsea for 50 mil.

Need a good striker thate will come and will score goals.

Do u use a nifty fifty