Football Manager 2008

I'm opening this thread so we can brainstorm on ideas that would make FM2008 the ultimate realistic football game ever.

For example:
- When you're in a match and one of your players gets injured, the commentator instead of saying "Johnson looks in pain, he picked up an injury", he should tell you what kind of injury has the player picked up. I.E.: "Johnson looks in pain. He picked up an injury. Looks like a twisted ankle to me".

That way you can start preparing your week whilst in the game. It's more realistic.

Happens to me all the time, I'm in a game and one of my player gets injured, and I don't care about him, just the game. And after the game is over, the physios would tell me that my player suffered a slipped disc, 9 months out.

Do you see what I mean?

Brainstorming lads!


i wish you could release press statements just saying how happy and how well you think your players are doing and stuff.
i also wish you could make special pleas to the board to try and sign a player that is out of your budget but would be really good for your club.
it would be cool if you got options to shout thing to your players during the match or shout at the ref etc lol

thats all i can think of right now! its 3:32am and im too tired to think lol

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I want so many things. The one i really want is to be able to choose kits for certain games. Then every second season you get a new kit