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Your best FM or Campionship Manager (any addition) memory

My best memory was with the current 2007 addition. I started off with Everton and won the premiership (yep! - won it without cheats or nothing), I did however did sh*te in all other competitions, and although I wanted to go to a higher club after applying to the Man U Job, Chelsea job (both manager got sacked because of me winning the Premiership and there won NOTHING!) and Barcelona (manager went to man u) they all turned me down. Then Everton sacked me for seeking a new job (also I earlier a a Unlimited to get better training facility's and that ticked them off)! So after that I got a job at leeds (yep -I win the premiership and is forced to manage leed!). When I joined leeds they was in the premiership, half way through the season and bottom (the reason why they got rid of there manager), and in that season I got them out of the relegation area and finished 9th!. And in the following season (2008/2009) I concentrated on the carling cap (i say that because I just avoided relegation in the premiership) and won it (a good achievement's for leeds!). The next season with leeds (2009/2010) was nothing big (narroly avoiding relegation doing sh*te in all other competitions). The 2010/2011 season was great, because all the legends of current (I mean now 2007/2008) was getting old so clubs sold them off cheap, I had Buffon in goal, John Terry as my main defender, Veron as player/coach and a very old Shevchenko! I did great - came 5th in the premiership, won the Carling cup and got to the final of the FA cup! Then half way through the Summer Break before the 2011/2012 season I got a message from the england manager to be under 19s Coach, which I didn't know was a feature on FM 2007. So I accepted, and got so into it I quit the sunderland job altogether. With england Under 19 I won the U19 Euro cup and played with them up to the 2013/2014 season quiting the U19 job (I was getting bored!) and went to Lazio. At the time they had just been relegated to Serie B. After signing for them I found a team of geriatrics and the board with out no money. So I decided to get rid of most of the players from the 1st team and (due to my knowledge of England's U19s) I sign a full squad of English U19s (about 14 players) for £500,000 (in fact most of the players were free, just 2 of them with a lot of potential cost £200,000 each!) and that season (2013/2014) Lazio came first with out loosing a single game. Then the following season (2014/2015) I got Lazio (with the same players) 4th! And got to the Simi-finals of the Italian Cup (forgot what the name was). I could kept going but then a crash Dump error came up and I lost my game forever!
The thing is after that I thought "FM 2007 is so much easier than other FM games" I started again with Chelsea (well I was used to winning!) and did sh*te! I came 3rd, got knocked out of the champions league in the group stage, Lost the carling cup to (who else but) everton and got knocked out of the FA cup by Man U. I got sacked went to Boston united and couldn't do a thing (got relegated despite Boston giving me a cash injection of £1,000,000)! I didn't play FM again until the new football season spured me to get the game out and see what I can do!


I Will Have to get 2007.

I just sold yukobu from boro for 50mil after the first season. He came 2nd wwith goals in season 1.

Do you know any strikers that would come to boro that could fill his shoes.

I have brought so far

Vanden burden
Vincent kompany
billy jones ( best buy)
Frey GK not sure if that was smart

I came second in the fa cup and 6th overall. There was no expectaion from the club the first seasion but this year I think Ill get sacked.

Do u use a nifty fifty


50 million for Yakubu? In pounds?

I won the Champions' League with Sheffield Wednesday once, but that was in Championship Manager 3 I think.

If Jesus comes back we'll kill him again.


Championship manager 02/03 on xbox as madrid won league and champions league 1st season.Noticed a player in the espanyol youth/reserve team called jonathan soriano he'd managed 50-odd goals so i purchased him for a couple of mil.1st season he managed 73 in all comps (about 55 league i think) kept him for 7 years and he had doubled the all time record for madrids all time goalscorer sold him to my mate for 76m(cos i had some youngsters coming through) and he suffered cruciate ligament damage and missed the 1st season for barcelona never quite hit the madrid highs lol