What doesn't work...

1.) The ACLU: awful delivery by a bitter guy (who looked like a cop) who clearly didn't agree with what he was saying...the trick is you have to be CONVINCING for it to be funny, guys. This guy looked like he'd punch your lights out before defending someone's civil liberties.

2.) Ed Begley Jr. goes to jail for driving a hybrid car: started funny with subtle jabs, got old fast. I don't think Begley Jr. will be scheduling a visit to defend himself either...keep dreaming Fox.

3.) The T-shirt guy: I didn't realize Fox News was so anti-T shirt vendors....live and learn I guess. The actor was pretty bad, but not as bad as...

4.) Game Show Host/Climatologist: MAN was this guy annoying. The concept had potential (and I liked that he was a "Game Show Host" until they beat it to death)...but as soon as the guy opened his mouth, the laughs drained out pretty quickly. By the end, I was embarrassed for him.

5.) Cheap shots about Obama: Boy, Conservatives must really be afraid of Obama if they're willing to attack him more than Hillary, who has TONS of media out there that makes her look completely phony and insincere. Also, way to attack honesty in politics by making Obama's admission of past cocaine use look like an attempt to be "hip". Better to cover up your past like Bush did, eh?

As far as the rest of the show goes, I can't stress this enough, WHERE WERE THE VIDEO CLIPS? One of the best things about The Daily Show is how it comments on the latest television/news clips and soundbites, and they always seem to have so many! I ask, shouldn't this show have just as many (if not more, considering the dreaded "liberal media" they're always complaining about)?

This worries me, because it actually seems to indicate that there IS no liberal media bias...if there was, wouldn't the show have plenty of clips of "liberal bias" to hook us with during the pilot? I'll give them the beenfit of the doubt (since the rest of the material was so strong, haha), but if I don't start seeing some satirizing of the "liberal media", I'll have to assume there IS NO liberal media to poke fun at.

Most of the jokes during the early parts of the show were ok, like a watered-down Weekend Update. I can see Conservatives digging them. But from the T-Shirt guy on, the rest of the show was an abortion. Complete disaster.

I really expected alot from this show, believe it or not, but it's let me down. I want to believe Conservatives can be funny, I really do, but this just isn't proving it for me. Hope they get it together next week.



The mainstream media is liberal . . . in comparison to Fox News. Hell, Karl Rove is liberal in comparison to Fox News.

"I do not like bombs that go blam! I do not like them, Saddam-I-Am!"
- Wil Anderson



I realize this response is WAY late (the show is long gone), but I don't think you read my post.

If there IS a liberal media, where were the CLIPS of the media demonstrating "liberal bias"? THERE WERE NONE!!

And that's why the show is off the air.

"In comparison to Fox News"...what a lark. Barry Goldwater is liberal "compared to Fox News". That doesn't mean anything.

Back to RioMadera with you, methinks!


their style of humor just doesn't work: all the jokes are either cheap shots, or otherwise come across as way too heavy-handed.