A rare film

This is a superb examination of a couple -- Elsa (Margherita Buy), and Michele (Antonio Albanese) -- who endure a growing common malady of contemporary society: what happens when a contented, upper-class man (Albanese), through a twist of fate, loses his high-paying job at a company that he co-founded?

From a life of bourgeois leisure, expensive meals, yachting off the coast of Genoa, and lavish vacations, Elsa and Michele suddenly find themselves selling their apartment, yacht and everything else and settling for something far less than they ever imagined.

This is a rare film that shows the rapid decline of two people's lives, and how they come to terms with it.

It is a rare treat to see a film that, despite its subject matter, is never maudlin or sentimental and (surprisingly) never, for a moment, boring. The NY Times aptly called it 'a very adult film'. (I think that's shorthand for 'it's not a Hollywood film'.)

What a treat to see a film that shows us how powerful filmmaking can really be when it has a dead-on accurate script, superb acting, terrific editing and pacing, and precise direction. And all without a whiff of the now-omnipresent (and cartoonish) computer-generated enhancement. It's straight drama with some humour added, and it's an outstanding achievement.


I second your sentiments. Anyone interested in serious filmn should see this fine movie.


Very intense film. Superb acting, the silences, the dialogues, it really absorbs your whole self. A real gem of our times.


Why rare...??

This is very common film.
There are a lot of films like this where the people lost a job and cant find a new place in the society, specially if ther are not young.

The performers are great, and in general are a very natural scennes, but I don´t like it, because the screeplay have not surprises. It begin and end always on the same road.

Hablo mejor español e un po d´italiano :)


Yes, a superb film. The cinematography was excellent as well as all other aspects of this great film.

I just wish I could speak the language and turn off the subtitles.