In 1587, 117 brave men and women...

...set sail from Britain to establish the first English colony in the Americas. They landed on Roanoke Island, off the coast of Virginia. They built a settlement and planted crops. And then they disappeared without a trace. No one has ever solved the mystery of the lost colony...

...And now, here's some s#!t that we just completely made up.

Whispy ghosty things chasing people around in the woods? Give me a break.

The difficulty of a system is comparable only to the ignorance of the end-user.


Dawn of the Deadites


That's why it's called a movie dumbass.

reply's called a movie because it is a "motion picture'. It's called "fiction" because it isn't true. If you're going to call someone else a dumbass, make sure that what you're saying isn't dumb as well. Dumbass.