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What's up with this 'first person born statement'

Yes, I am a HUGE Adrian Paul fan... I've seen most of his movies and I don't mind telling some of them you really, really have to fast forward through the bad diologue and even worse acting.

BUT, I tried to stick through this one and almost didn't make it to the end. And when I did, they had to nerve to add this racist statement:

Marie Ellen Guller (I know that's not her name)
was the first person
born in the New World

What the FUC**!!!

Are Native Americans not people? And even though this might have been a saying back in the 18th century... it certainly isn't something that should be used today.

Come on SCI FI channel WAKE UP. I've come to accept the fact that I will never see a minority as the star in one of your cheesy movies (or even cheesier TV shows). But, this is something a could have been corrrected with just a word:

Marie Ellen Guller (I know that's now her name)
was the first white person
born in the New World

If I had the power... I would unlease the WRAITH of ROANOKE on their ass.

- Monica


Aside from the millions of Native Americans, this was in 1587 and the Spanish were well established in the New World at the time. Virginia Dare was the first child of English descent born in the New World.



Then the statement should have been:

Virginia Dare
The first child of English descent
Born in the New World



No, it should be "Born in the Americas" because it is not a "new world" (it's part of the currently existing world, people) and it is very "new" either, it has only existed for millions upon millions of years!

Don't you want to become one with me? To be of one mind and body?


Obviously that stupid statement at the end of the film is indicative of the absence of thought or intelligence in Sci-Fi channel programs, so I think the best advice might be: don't watch any of it.


haha no...the correct statement should have been: if you rented this movie, we will issue you a refund. if you watched it on sci-fi, you're sh!t out of luck!


you guys really have nothing better to do , its b level scifi movie made by the scifi channel about ghosts, and your complaining about that line


seriously. nit-picking a single line because it wasn't stated in a leagal format acceptible to the way, who the freak are you anyways? oh, thats right, nobody important!


Seriously, you watched this film, and that's all you could come up with in complaint. Virginia Dare (Actual name!) was a real person and that's how she was considered at the time.

Please, for your own mental stability, do not watch has black people being enslaved.