Truly Awful!

This THING was truly awful! How do they continue to get budgets for these monstrosities? I really should have known better since it was a Sci-Fi (un)original movie.

Where to begin with the complaints? History, I suppose. It's fine to promote something as "based on true events", but at least stay within the details of those events. To begin with, the fort was in no way that large. I've been to the site and seen the general area it existed in. Then to have it burnt down at the end, blatantly flying in the face of one of the most important details of the Lost Colony mystery, where no signs of a struggle existed, was shear heresy.

The 21st century people trying to act as though they were from the 16th century was atrocious. Beautiful, clean, skinny people with varying accents. Perfect hair and teeth. Was nobody scruffy looking then? The casting director should be shot. Hell, the director and script writer should be shot.

Out of the many supernatural depictions of the Lost Colony mystery, I'll have to recommend 2000's FreakyLinks pilot episode Fearsum. Those few minutes felt more authentic than this whole movie and I know that they were contrived for story purposes.

I've got to say that the best part of this whole awful program's showing was the commercial spots for Dan Myrick's new movie Believers.


Freakosity is a very vast subject.


"It's fine to promote something as "based on true events""

The intro said inspired by true events, not based on true events. There's a differnce between the two words, and you're misquoting them.



I just saw this today and it was so bad it was amusing. Why do the people making bad movies not realize and make in some cases fairly simple changes that would help a little? Like the perfect-teeth issue mentioned by the original poster--it's not at all hard to fake bad teeth! The accents were ALL over the place--except for that of the American Indian who was supposed to have just learned English. His accent was straight out of current-day California!

The things that had me laughing out loud were: the multitude of clean, well-sewn outfits worn by Eleanor (apparently she came from England with a personal tailor and dry cleaner, and an unlimited supply of cloth), the fact that everyone's hair was obviously washed, conditioned, and styled every day, the lead actor's three-day growth of beard that stayed EXACTLY the same over several months (and his perfect haircut), the fact that the so-called early baby was HUGE and CLEARLY not a newborn, let alone a preemie, the odd fact that despite the small community no one ever knew the names of the guards, and my favorite: Eleanor's heavily and poorly applied makeup. When they do a close-up on her at the start of her first nightmare, you can see not just the lip gloss but her foundation and caked mascara!



The Thing was a brilliant movie, sadly this wasn't the Thing