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I couldn't believe this was a real show

I thought this was a joke when I was flipping through the channels. I remember calling my friend just so she could see it and make sure I wasn't imagining things.

The kids on the show act like they've never been to school (The infamous dried apples scene) and Hip Hop Harry is a little freaky. Has anyone else noticed his Flavor Flav clock that he tries to pass off as a watch?

I feel like someone was high on something when they came up with this show.

The best part of the show is a tie between thier mini dance off at the end of the show and when they sing the "I love to Learn song".

There is something so off about this show though...



SERIOUSLY. Jeez. What the hell is it with the person that came up with this show? Not only is it really really horrible, and teaching kids to be extremely stupid rappers that have no talent, but the kids, and Harry are a little friggen creepy.


It's the way society is now- we are all getting "dumbed" down because people can't learn things the right way and now it's going to effect our kids. The standards in school keep getting lowered rather than raised because of this and it's a reason why the USA is so far behind other countries in eduaction.


Yeah, damn Hip Hop Harry. He's solely responsible for the way the youth in our world act today. As far as the USA being so far behind other countries in education, we're just trying to let everybody else catch up. You know, since we been ahead for so long.

There is nothing wrong with kids in this country and their choice of entertainment. Every generation comes up differently and every generation achieves great things. This one will be no different. This is not the place to be inditing Hip Hop.