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Somebody has an axe to grind...

I have read the comments on here and it seems to me that somebody has an axe to grind with the Benjamins. I saw the movie at the Secret City Film Festival in Oak Ridge, TN and I think the acting was pretty good. There were a couple of minor characters that weren't the best actors but hey, it's an independent film. I thought ALL of the actors in major roles did an outstanding job. Most notably, Casey Payne and Jason Benjamin. I understand that everyone can have an opinion and I am not trying to start an online argument. This is just my opinion!



Your opinion is anyone who disagrees with you has an axe to grind?

For the record, you made an IMDB account. Only posted here. And left a glowing review about a film with a 3.7 rating and you accuse people of having axes to grind if they didn't like the film?