35 years?

I don't understand how its 35 years later...but the movie takes place in 1985? Shouldn't it be 40-43 years later?



I just watched the movie & I don't recall anyone mentioning the year it was set. What I saw was on DVD & it was called Autumn Hearts, so maybe this is an edited version? What I gathered from the film was that Melanie & Christopher were in the camp for three years, 1942-45. When it was liberated, the Red Cross sent her home. It's not stated where. But she could have had family in Quebec. No reason why she couldn't. They didn't imply that she & Christopher had any other relationship other than at the camp. They probably did write to each other after they found each other, which probably took some time. Having the connection that they do, I would completely believe that they both thought they were in love even though they hadn't seen each other since they were forced apart. But he might not have declared that love until she had already started a relationship with her professor & he had sworn to take care of her. (Something she desperately needs.) And then they hadn't contacted each other since in attempts to move on with their lives. Until the beginning of this movie when he shows up with Jakob.

I haven't read the book.

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