Terrible casting

Good film but would have been MUCH better with good casting for the sons.

At time of filming they were 31 and 25 - and pretty much looked and acted those ages.

Actual dialogue, script and 'action' said they should have been 18 or at least acted and looked that age. Grown men sitting in a tub together mutually washing their hair - OMG. (Gotta say even 18 would have been a stretch for that particular scene).


I came here to make the exact same comment. They were too old to be not getting jobs and laying about the house wasting their days watching TV. If they had been age-appropriate for the script you would have understood the mother's dilemma more. Why didn't she just kick them out, I wondered? Then it said she'd been watching them like that for 15 years, meaning they were supposed to be 15 or it's been 15 years since the divorce?

Either way, it really hurt the film and the dynamic impact and the ideas the film was trying to get across.

If she'd said "Get out and get a job" to these guys we'd all have agreed with her. It's only by their youth and being not yet adults that the mother has a conflict about wanting to move on with her life before the kids are out on their own.