My Humble Opinion

Being a fan of comic book movies (ALL comic book movies - DC, Marvel, etc.), I have, for the most part, been happy with the movies made since 1978's glorious Christopher Reeve Superman, because when I was younger, superheroes were not treated with the respect they deserved. Most movies and TV shows (i.e. 1960's Batman) never treated them as anything other than campy exercises.
2000's X-Men changed all that, so I like them most of them (even the ones with questionable ideas behind them).
There have been a few I didn't care for (Howard The Duck, TMNT (never was a big fan of the comics), Transformers, but for the most part, I have liked (and in some cases, LOVED) all the superhero films from 2000 on.
My point is...I am not a nitpicker when it comes to continuity in superhero films, after all, I have always considered superhero films to be a subgenre of science fiction and you can do anything in scifi.
Know that film makers have to adapt stories to the screen, I have been okay with almost everything that they have put on the screen, and will continue to do so. After all, film makers could still be treating superheroes as campy, unsophisticated kiddie fare, but they haven't since 2000's "X-Men", In some instances, they have given us intelligent, thought provoking cinema.